E_Flowers4U (me, + 4_every_1 Ls’2)

Page 1/-
E_Flowers4U (me, + 4_every_1 Ls’2)
Where from ..?
Here of course:


That’s correct..


from QUIX4U .. over on our “main_page”…

(in the GIFTS section)



The E_Flowers4U “blog” there.. ?

It goes a little something – like this (cut&paste)


That’s correct:

QUIX4U – (wants to gift you this) – FREE_GIFT



(& there’s a few pictures too)

PLUS .. now there’s an even “beta” (newish) way
Just go to our own TRIPELLO blog

That was (once) “eFlowers4U” – over on Xanga
But because Xanga “died” (cut from the ground it was)
Our own TRIPELLO is now here in WordPress..
Assessed in full “floral” methods..



Page 2/-
FACE _\fullofwords/_ BOOK

Keith Clare

Create Your Badge

Page 3/-


This is an example of a WordPress page, …..

(before I got to it)

Where_as.. the “REST” of this here?

It is just my own mindless wanderings…


?– today –?

Trying to get this


<!– Facebook Badge START –><a href=”http://www.facebook.com/people/Keith-Clare/100002325153725” target=”_TOP” style=”font-family: &quot;lucida grande&quot;,tahoma,verdana,arial,sans-serif; font-size: 11px; font-variant: normal; font-style: normal; font-weight: normal; color: #3B5998; text-decoration: none;” title=”Keith Clare”>Keith Clare</a><br/><a href=”http://www.facebook.com/people/Keith-Clare/100002325153725” target=”_TOP” title=”Keith Clare”><img src=”http://badge.facebook.com/badge/100002325153725.38.1943192201.png” width=”120″ height=”234″ style=”border: 0px;” /></a><br/><a href=”http://www.facebook.com/badges/” target=”_TOP” style=”font-family: &quot;lucida grande&quot;,tahoma,verdana,arial,sans-serif; font-size: 11px; font-variant: normal; font-style: normal; font-weight: normal; color: #3B5998; text-decoration: none;” title=”Make your own badge!”>Create Your Badge</a><!– Facebook Badge END –>


Did I post it (that code) wrong there somehow?

OK – I’ll drop the whole kit& kabboodle BACK …

(into a comment)

& See what happens to all these qu?wiggles there.?


& The Comments (thus) .. relating to:

 (got lost – or deleted ? in the last NINE hours)

Page 4/-


Aw… sweet.

That’s easy…

I just shifted the whole lot..

(by cut& copy)

Before clicking into the HTML editing tab..

And then I simply inserted that HUGE lock of “code” .. there (above) .. and whammoo – by clicking the “visual” tab..


Instant joy.

(after nearly 4yrs of lost workings..?)



Page 5/-
One can thus tell – that in my forever (clickie) button pushings.. 
?I have yet again “clicked” something WRONG ..
(and thus this site’s PAGES .. are hard_held.. at just)
THE ONE (most recent) POST “page”
Thereby deleting everything  prior?
Thus– THIS is my way – of “fixing” that.?
 wee (massive) problem…
By putting… (IN) new postings – as:
?pages in? THIS WAY
Page x/- + y/- + zzzzz?///???

 Ok.. cheers & au revoir.

But don’t be like me..

And get ?
Just go to it instead.. via:

It’s our QUIX4U (youtube) thing.


About QUIX4U

Profile ? (or is that PROFILES = Plural): Here's a few of ours that are still: Searchable via our main websites: In 2002 ? (#1 was our original 2002 "QUIX.co.nz" Web-page). However we (somehow) lost it after a few years Who knows where it went - all we know is it got hidden. But it's now accessible again ... via http://QUIX.kiwi Plus we also have lots more (to be exact). 14 TLD URL's, and numerous sub-domains. Both NZ and World Wide (such as) via: http://QUIX-NZ.com http://QUIX4U.com http://QUIX4U.co.nz And there's: http://QUIXtm.co.nz It's for QUIX©™ .. "the musician". (at THE BIG IDEA - in Auckland.!!!) Then there's a couple of "self explanatory" TLD's We have these 2 = just 4 fun.!!!!!!! 1/- http://eFlowers4U.co.nz (Free-Gift-Away "electronic Flowers" 4U). + (Just as obviously - we have this) http://L84DNR.co.nz As you WILL "need a packed lunch" (with you) When you go and WATCH "over 300 videos" .!!! + Then there's the WSTLNZ "series": Such as: http://WSTLNZ.co.nz http://WSTLNZ.co http://WSTLNZ.com + http://WSTLNZtm.co.nz The T&S (plus copyrights etc., "legal" page) ~~~~~~~~~~~ We also "registered" a couple more TLD's.. But then forgot where we had "put them": Thus these two are hidden for now too. !!! ie: http://WSTL.NZ (currently "lost" somewhere) + http://WSTLNZ.nz (which also ? GOT LOST too). ~~~~~~~~~ We'll find them someday - when NOT looking for them. If & when we actually need to GO (out) and find them ~~~~~~~~~ Plus: We have lots of pressings at ? WordPress via: https://quixnz.wordpress.com https://quixdotcodotnz.wordpress.com (This is where we found - our ORIGINAL 2002 "lost page") + https://quixtrademark.wordpress.com https://quix4u.wordpress.com https://quix3d.wordpress.com https://quixinnovation.wordpress.com https://quixelectricalplumbingbuilders.wordpress.com https://quixorg.wordpress.com https://quixdownunder.wordpress.com https://quixwww.wordpress.com (made while trying to find our 2002 web page) + https://quixbuilders.wordpress.com https://quixelectrical.wordpress.com https://quixplumbing.wordpress.com https://quixrelatedtrades.wordpress.com https://tripello3d.wordpress.com https://quixnewzealand.wordpress.com https://quix4schopenhauer.wordpress.com https://quixrel8dtrades.wordpress.com Then there's? Another eflowers4U "page" http://eFlowers4U.wordpress.com http://Tripello.wordpress.com + Then there's this one - for my "101+1/2 year old" DAD His war exploits (if I ever have time to upload these)? https://n8242hec.wordpress.com Along with? Wow -- some more.. eg: http://tiny.cc/QUIX_PIX http://QUIXNZ.blogspot.com + http://tiny.cc/QUIXNZ_Trademe http://tiny.cc/QUIX_Trade And a dead one.! http://QUIX.wikispaces.com (deceased) Some faceless one's http://www.facebook.com/QUIX4U And then there's YT (YouTube) http://youtube.com/QUIX4U (via) http://L84DNR.co.nz ..... etc etc etc .. As we've (also) lost a few (others) too now.!!! Plus for 100's more forum posts and chats etc.? Such as a few extras that we've since added: (at least the one's we can REMEMBER adding) .... Goto: QUIXNZ (and thus some of our other) WWW's via: http://wp.me/P1em9I-P Our NZ & Int. (main) Trading Name/s are: QUIX©™, QUIXNZ©™, QUIX-NZ©™, QUIX4U©™, QUIX-3D©™, TRIPELLO©™, EFLOWERS4U©™, L84DNR©™, and: WSTLNZ©™ ~~~~~~~~~~ Thus all the above, are just "some" of our MANY (many) other /// Brands /// Trade Marks /// etc., Our short? QUIX©™ ("QU_ick.f_IX") list is/are as follows: WSTLNZ (trades as): QUIX, QUIXNZ, QUIX_NZ, QUIX-3D and TRIPELLO = QUIX - NZ Our ? City/Town/Locality/ (or whatever): Roxburgh, Central Otago, South Island - New Zealand. (Postal Code 9500 - for a residential street address - that you will find elsewhere) ... SNAIL_MAIL Address that to: QUIX P.O.Box 79, CBD Roxburgh. NZ Postal Code 9441 (Commercial) Owner's Occupation: CEO And Retired (thus just very ? re:) TIRED. As (unemployed) owner of "own" owned: NZ Registered Company: Waitaki Sound Technologies Limited: t/a QUIX©™ since 1999 Thus originally fully Incorporated in 1999 and thus t/a: QUIX - NZ©™ (Hinge Services Central limited) And (since a very good name change in 2012) also as: QUIXNZ©™ + WSTLNZ©™ Waitaki Sound Technologies Limited, NZ Expertise: ? Surveyor/Draughtsman / Registered Electrician / Innovator / Manufacturer / General Servicing / On-Sales / Oh - and since 1998 - a triple - FULLY PATENTED INVENTOR .......................................................................... Plus: (so says the owner in his own words): >>> I have personally, since 1965 As well as ever since 1999 (after incorporation) via my OWN (NZ) Company: Have been ... Rather "extensively involved" with all forms of R+D But most specifically, In relation to my 1965 INVENTION = an "analogue 7.ch audio" (Have tested a 25 ch SPHERICAL "surround" system). CHECK IT OUT -- He did a MONO (cell-phone video recording) of it: And uploaded the result - onto YouTube, via QUIX4U©™ (www.L84DNR.co.nz) Re: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ub0S8eTijrA Here now is a little snippet (of): The owner's (personal) comment, is as follows: About Me: I am Keith Clare. (a rather old XXY Eunuch) Owner, Sole Operator, Primary Innovator and; Patented Inventor, QUIX4U is my "generic" 1965 TRADENAME /TRADEMARK (Brand) That I 1st "coined" from quickly fixed (or as a quick fix = QUIX), Which quickly also turned into QUIX = 4 U.! (As in a "quick fix" - made for you) Which was something a Neighbour had said to me..? After I had "hand_made" an item for him (circa 1965), When he'd come to me - in desperation, (I WAS JUST 12), As he knew- I was good at making "things_work" Without the correct parts, or instruction manuals. He couldn't SOURCE a replacement agricultural "part" So I simply "made" my own QUIX version, which worked well. Thus I continue to trade as: QUIX, QUIXNZ QUIX-3D and QUIX4U Plus as: eFlowers4U, L84DNR and TRIPELLO (having always thus being = a Part-time / Sole Trader- since 1965). And then - as a separate identity. I created a NZ Company - to self run itself. Thus - both it's and my own.? Yes.. My T+C's (TRADE POLICIES) also fully comply with: All relevant NZ Trade Laws, Acts and Covenants. As well as with WIPO Copyright ((simply because)): I also do extensive research into legal specifications, Whilst investigating ALL patent and invention records. As I've done- for many, many years Prior to .. well -- about now actually.! So - check it all out.. Anywhere actually.. Via: GOOGLE SEARCH Or via a BING, YouTube or HERE (search) Although the HERE (here.com) mapping service ? It isn't all that accurate ... at present. Or ... all that truthful either - as we have found. As.. (shock horror) We've discovered that their HERE website's about section Actually "lies" ? And they aren't YET anywhere NEAR "here" (with map accuracy, nor with "up-to-date" info) As seen on their website's maps either. ;-)
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5 Responses to E_Flowers4U (me, + 4_every_1 Ls’2)

  1. quix4u says:


    I have absolutely NO idea .. as to how I achieved this result.

    I have restored the full functionality of the site.. simply by blindly blundering ON & ON .. forever forwards..
    ? Until the D&m-ned thing solved it’s own problem

  2. quix4u says:

    AHAH -I think I see why? I’m running on NZ standard time..
    AND? it’s just gone 3:57am Monday 18/04/2011..
    Yesterday sometime?
    (thus – it’s probably gona all go haywire tommorrow again – as I keep putting MY TIME in the posts.. and it defaults to “scheduled” (instead of live posting)

  3. tripello says:

    And don’t 4get..!
    Now that Xanga has gone & totally stuft our “original” E_Flowers4U blogsite..
    originally on http://TRIPELLO.xanga.com
    Which is totally un-recoverable & long gone..
    Along with them totally destroying ALL of our (munted) audio & video content..?
    Don’t forget..
    Now you can see TRIPELLO in full bloom once again..
    As we’re over here too .!!
    (NOW — “on wordpress”) ..
    via our very own .. [link].!
    Free flowers.. (out of) ?
    eFlowers4U .. (from) !!

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